I'm a Cyprus-born, London-based storyteller working across different media. It all started in 1991, with a puppet theatre, some card, a bit of tape and a dream.


These days, I spend most of my waking hours writing novels, film & TV scripts, plays and short stories (even if only in my head). I co-founded The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company, a fringe theatre troupe that's toured around the UK. Some of my stories have been shortlisted for competitions and performed in NYC, my short films and videos screened around the world, and my debut novel is due to be published by Cloud Lodge Books in 2018. I still harbour dreams of working for Disney, and resurrecting the three departed Golden Girls.


This site here is my way of collating the work I'm not embarrassed to show people, like a scrapbook by a child with a love of the cabaret scene.




Photo by Natasha Vassiliou



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